Staying Competitive in the Digital Age: Leveraging On-Demand Webinars for Business Growth

Staying Competitive in the Digital Age: Leveraging On-Demand Webinars for Business Growth

Let’s take a moment to consider how we consume media today, shop for groceries, or even hail a ride; it’s all about convenience. Whether it’s catching up on series or ordering food in a pinch, we want products and services at our fingertips, whenever and wherever it suits us best.

Now that convenience is seeping into the business world too. That’s the beauty of on-demand webinars. These “watch when you want” webinars embody this craving for convenience, serving as a potent tool for businesses to connect with their audience and provide valuable content at ease. In this blog, we explore the definition and benefits of on-demand webinars along with practical tips for success.

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What is an On-Demand Webinar?

To start with, let’s tackle the question: “What is a webinar?” Simply put, webinars are virtual events conducted online, serving various purposes, and executed in diverse formats.

Webinars can be led by one person, a few individuals, or even a panel of experts, all sharing their insights on a specific topic. Essentially, they offer attendees a convenient and cost-effective opportunity to learn from these experts.

In recent years, webinars have evolved significantly, thanks to technological advancements and heightened production standards, leading to more interactive and engaging experiences for participants. Now, to answer the question, what are “on-demand webinars”?

An on-demand webinar is a prerecorded presentation that viewers can access and watch at their convenience rather than having to attend a live event at a specific time. This flexibility allows individuals to access valuable content whenever they want, catering to their busy schedules.

On-demand webinars empower audiences to consume information on their terms, making it more accessible and enhancing engagement.

Access & Adaptability, Understanding the Benefits of On-Demand Webinars

Ever signed up for a webinar and missed it because life got in the way? Happens to the best of us. As it turns out, only 30-40% of folks who sign up for webinars make it to the live event. Scheduling clashes, unexpected tasks, emergencies, and time zone differences can all get in the way.

Many factors can prevent your registrants from making it to your live event at the scheduled time, making it the ideal moment to debut your content as an on-demand webinar.

As for the 70% of registrants who could not attend, their interest in your content is evident through their registration. By offering on-demand versions of your webinar, individuals can benefit from the flexibility and convenience of accessing your content at their leisure, no matter where they are.

Hosting your webinar on-demand not only extends the longevity of your content but also broadens your global reach. By opting for on-demand hosting, you’re not restricting your audience to those available on the specific day of the live event. Attendees can access your webinar from anywhere in the world, at any time they choose, breaking geographical barriers and ensuring maximum flexibility.

If you need proof, look no further. Datamatics hosted an on-demand webinar for a Global IT Security Leader, delivering a 61% live audience rate and generating 123 qualified leads. Our approach is flexible for attendees and highly effective for B2B companies like yours.

As providers of on-demand webinar services, we understand the importance of reaching your audience and delivering valuable results. Explore the complete CASE STUDY and experience similar benefits for your business.

Mastering On-Demand Webinars: Tips & Tricks for Success

1. Establishing an On-demand Webinar Hub

Creating a central hub for your on-demand webinar content is a smart strategy to showcase your archived presentations. Having all your webinars in one place allows your audience to explore topics you’ve covered previously.

Utilizing a webinar channel can lead to higher viewership, engagement, and, ultimately, more leads. To capitalize on this, consider implementing a registration form for each on-demand webinar. This way, you can capture valuable leads from users interested in your content.

If you can’t spare the time or resources to set up your own webinar channel, consider leveraging on-demand webinar services that offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. With their expertise, you can effortlessly showcase your content and drive engagement.

2. Enhance User Engagement Continuously

To maintain high engagement levels in on-demand webinars, incorporate interactive features like those used in live events. These interactions are vital in encouraging participation, prolonging viewing duration, and reducing drop-off rates. Here are some effective engagement strategies to consider:

  • Q&A Sessions: Allow attendees to submit questions, foster interaction, and initiate follow-up conversations via email.
  • Polls: Implement polls at strategic intervals to gauge understanding and gather feedback throughout the webinar, mirroring the engagement of live events.
  • Call-to-Action: Provide clear next steps for attendees, such as directing them to your website or inviting them to contact you via email for further inquiries to maintain audience interaction beyond the webinar.
  • Surveys: Collect valuable feedback from viewers by setting up surveys after the webinar, enabling you to gather insights about the event and your audience.

By incorporating these engagement tactics into your on-demand webinars, you can ensure sustained viewer interest and foster meaningful interactions with your audience.

3. Offer Relevant Resources

Make your webinar more valuable by sharing additional resources tailored to the content discussed. The webinar resources section acts as a hub where attendees can access or download materials that supplement the webinar content, even after the live event has ended.

When it comes to on-demand webinars, utilize this resource section to direct attendees to related content like blog posts, eBooks, relevant website links, or even registration pages for upcoming events. This keeps participants engaged and encourages further interaction with your brand.

Consider adding a chapters tab to your webinar as well, allowing viewers to navigate to specific sections of interest easily. Whether it’s different presentations or a Q&A session, organizing your on-demand webinar into chapters enhances readability and allows viewers to revisit key sections as needed.

By providing these features, you not only improve the user experience but also ensure that your webinar content remains accessible and engaging long after the initial broadcast.

4. Upgrade Your On-Demand Webinar Promotion for Continuous Lead Generation

Don’t underestimate the power of promoting your on-demand webinars. Simply converting a live event to on-demand and sending one email won’t cut it.

Consistently promoting your on-demand webinar across various channels is key. Utilize social media platforms to refresh the creative and messaging, breathing new life into your previous webinar content.

Integrating on-demand webinars into your live event promotions can also be highly effective. Mentioning past webinars during live events may encourage attendees to explore the on-demand versions.

By revamping your promotion strategy and maintaining consistent visibility, you can ensure that your on-demand webinars continue to generate high-quality leads over time.

5. Repurpose On-Demand Webinar Content for a Wider Reach

Live webinars often cover various topics under a central theme, like digital marketing basics, including topics such as SEO, paid advertising, and social media. But is it wise to structure webinars this way? Research suggests that alternative content delivery methods could be more effective.

Consider how you consume information online. Do you skim through articles or fast-forward through tutorials to find what you need? Your webinar content shouldn’t be any different.

To maintain audience engagement and maximize on-demand webinar views, repurpose your content. Here’s how to do it effectively:

  • Create bite-sized clips or highlights to share on social media.
  • Transform webinar content into blog posts or articles for your website.
  • Develop infographics or slideshare presentations summarizing key points.
  • Turn webinar transcripts into downloadable guides or eBooks.

By repurposing your on-demand webinar content, you can reach a wider audience and generate more leads with minimal effort.


Choosing the right format for presenting your webinar content can be a challenge, whether live or on-demand; each has pros and cons. Ultimately, you won’t know how your content will perform until you give it a try.

If you’re ready to explore different webinar formats and take your content to the next level, look no further. Datamatics offers 360View Events, where three non-competing service providers showcase offerings in 20-minute spotlights, ensuring lead generation and engagement. Alternatively, our Spotlight Events highlight your business expertise with IT analyst-hosted sessions addressing customer pain points. Write to us at [email protected] to learn more.


Kent Wu

Kent Wu

Kent Wu leads the Business Development function for B2B Demand Generation and Data Solutions practice at Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. With 15+ years of experience selling Lead Gen services to various clients in the US, Kent has the know-how and proficiency in selling services and driving business growth. In addition to being a successful business leader Kent also enjoys cooking and eating delectable meals.

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