Legal and Corporate Policies

Our policies, practices and statements exhibit our commitment to doing business ethically and complying with all laws that may apply to the company. We are dedicated to following the highest standards of personal and corporate conduct that instills trust and confidence in the minds of our customers, partners, employees and other associates.

  1. General Data Protection Agreement: This Data Processing Agreement reflects the requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) as it comes into effect on May 25, 2018. 
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  2. Supplier Code of Conduct: This policy provides a summary of the "Code of Conduct" that applies to all our Suppliers, Vendors and companies who supply products and services to Datamatics Group (DBS). 
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  3. Anti-Slavery Statement: This policy sets out Datamatics stance to any form of modern slavery and the steps company has taken to enable employees identify any instances of this and where they can go for help. 
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