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Registrar and Transfer Agent

As a SEBI authorized Category-I Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA), Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. (DBSL) offers a comprehensive suite of technology-enabled services to address statutory compliance needs, financial and non-financial risks. As a pioneer in RTA operations since 1983 — the company can process initial public offers and has a permanent SEBI registration validity. DBSL also has depository connectivity with National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) & Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).

A unified RTA service platform.

We deliver premium solutions and quality services for all financial and non-financial requirements of equity markets and related functions.

Our comprehensive RTA services help listed entities to meet all their compliance and statutory needs. Our RTA services are backed by world-class infrastructure, qualified transfer professionals, and a high degree of proactive operational execution with operational excellence at the core.

Transaction Management

In its function as RTA, DBSL ensures that investors’ transactions are carried out through error-free processes and in a seamless manner. The services include transfer, transposition, transmission of shares, managing dematerialization & rematerialization, issue of duplicate certificates, registration of wills and other services.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Activities

We take care of all routine AGM tasks including tracking and managing investor attendance, dispatching annual reports, handling investor outreach, and addressing queries through a professionally managed signature database, printing, dispatch and collection of postal ballots, facilitating e-post ballots and offering specialized call center and email services to address investor queries.

Non-Financial Requests

Technology-driven service seamlessly handles non-financial activities which include modifying and updating investors’ personal information, providing investors and key stakeholders with latest company news and announcements, providing regular trend reports, working with other RTA teams for timely redressal of investor complaints, answering investor queries, ensuring accurate share allotment requests and managing account renewals and repayments.

Financial Requests

Financial requests of both investors and companies are managed by offering support for dividend processing and payouts, issuing warrants, non-cash corporate benefits, documentation for private preferential allotments, managing commercial papers, bonds, reconciliation of interest and dividend for corporate accounts, managing ESOPs, open offers, de-listing and buyback offers and distributing interest.


Given that public listed organizations are more vulnerable to scrutiny today than before. Ensuring statutory reporting and compliance is of utmost importance. Our interactive reporting processes include a mechanism for financial reporting and statutory compliance providing regulatory bodies with periodical reports in electronic and physical form, simplifying the process of enrolling and registering members.

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