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Highly Qualified Leads

Highly Qualified Leads

High quality Leads / Sales Qualified Leads are a key constituent to successful marketing campaigns. These high quality leads with the right customer insights convert quickly, bringing down your lead to sales cycle, improve team productivity and minimize cost of lead. The most common problems that beleaguered sales and marketing teams face are:

Highly Qualified Leads

Accelerating your buyer's journey

Bespoke Lead Generation

Quality Leads = Better Conversion

Set high standards across buying stages to help you focus on winning, not chasing. 

We deliver leads that are commensurate to your expectations, hold certain value & information, and includes a genuine interest from the buyer for your product or service. Our clear understanding of this domain and 10 years of expertise will give you an edge when you need the most, i.e. to drive sales. 

Top of the Funnel (TOFU)

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) - A registrant or prospect (Decision maker or influencer) who qualifies the required demographic, firmographic or sociographic criteria and interested to receive more information.

Confirmed Call-Back Lead (CCL) - is not an appointment but a window of time that’s convenient for prospect to receive a call back.

Middle of the Funnel (MOFU)

Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) - Also called SAL (Sales-Accepted Lead). When the prospect, ideally a decision maker, shows ample intent and sales team accepts the lead worth enough for further engagement.

HQL - Leads received with additional information e.g. current vs expected landscape or clearly defined scope of work.

Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU)

Appointment - The Right Party Contact agrees to have a phone call or in-person meeting on a specific schedule mutually acceptable to both parties.

Stay Engaged with Multi-Channel Marketing

The Lead to Revenue Journey

Deliver quality marketing and strengthen brand relationships across the entire customer life-cycle journey.

Our HQL programs are designed to improve the sales performance of your organization. With leads that are verified on various parameters such as budget, authority, need, and buying time frame called B-A-N-T FrameworkWe accelerate your lead to revenue journey by informing your sales teams with specific purchase related insights and ensure your sales team get what they need to close faster. 

B-A-N-T works to your advantage for opportunity identification by asking multiple questions and relevant ones to the need of the buyer. Our hyper-targeted questions qualify the opportunity based on budget availability, discovering the right authority, tapping the right need or pain points and if there is a time-frame for the intended purchase. 





We take hand-in-glove approach to work with you as an extended sales engagement partner and bring you closer to business opportunities. 

End-to-End Lead Management

Our comprehensive B2B demand generation capabilities allow us to manage your leads through out their life cycle encompassing lead nurturing, lead scoring, lead profiling, etc.

Multi-Channel Approach

We generate qualified leads using various channels such as telemarketing, email marketing, direct marketing and chat support to fuel your sales pipeline.

Mitigating Operational Risks

We keep you away from the hassles of hiring and firing lead generation team, enable rapid scale up and easy ramp down and manage operational cost as per volumes.

Other B2B Marketing Services

Content Syndication & MQLs Icon

Content Syndication & MQLs

Promote thought leadership using personalized content to gain relevant mind-share

Appointment Setting Services Icon

Appointment Setting Services

Buy face-time with your intended prospects to boost sales engagement and conversions

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Account Based

Drive sustainable and scalable business from your existing accounts and loyal set of customer


Power Plus Leads

Boost your B2B Prospecting outcomes.


Identify your ideal prospect’s at an early stage and engage better, faster and smarter. Up-sell, cross-sell in your accounts with utmost confidence and generate more qualified leads that bring more business.


Identify your ideal prospect’s at an early stage and engage better, faster and smarter. Up-sell, cross-sell in your accounts with utmost confidence and generate more qualified leads that bring more business.

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We solve the most complex challenges of B2B marketers globally.



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Extremely professional work carried out by the Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd.'s (DBSL) Team. We are happy with the collaboration.
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We were tired of hacking through the jungle of information within our organization. Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. (DBSL) had a clear strategy in mind and delivered exceptional results, within a short span of time.
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We evaluated multiple companies, before we chose Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. (DBSL). Without their incessant support we could not have expanded our reach in multiple geographies.
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