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Highly Qualified Leads

Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads, are key to a successful marketing campaign. When paired with the right customer insights, these highly qualified leads can result in a shorter sales cycle, boost revenues, and even minimize the cost per lead. The most common problems faced by sales and marketing teams are:

Qualified lead generation = Better conversion.

High quality customer engagement across buying stages to help you focus on winning, not chasing.

We deliver marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads services that match your expectations, hold specific value & information, and include a genuine interest. Our rich experience of over a decade and a clear understanding of this domain gives us an edge over our counterparts for qualified lead generation.

Lead Funnel
Lead Funnel

Top of the funnel (TOFU)

  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) – A registrant/prospect (decision-maker or influencer) who qualifies the required demographic, firmographic or sociographic criteria, and is also interested to receive more information.
  • Confirmed Call Back Lead (CCL) – is not an appointment but a window of time that’s convenient for the prospect to receive a callback.

Bottom of the funnel (BOFU)

  • Appointment – The Right contact agrees to have a phone call or in-person meeting on a specific schedule mutually acceptable to both parties.

Middle of the funnel (MOFU)

  • Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) – Also called SAL (Sales-Accepted Lead). When the prospect, ideally a decision maker, shows ample intent and sales team accepts the lead worth further engagement.
  • Highly Qualified Leads (HQL) – Leads received with additional information e.g., current vs expected landscape or clearly defined scope of work

The lead to revenue journey.

Cultivate high-quality marketing, qualified lead generation and brand relationships across the customer life-cycle journey.

Our marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads services are exclusively designed to improve your organization’s sales performance. We qualify sales leads post verification on various parameters such as budget, authority, need, and buying timelines called B-A-N-T Framework. We accelerate your lead to deal journey by updating your sales team with specific purchase-related insights to ensure they get what they need to close faster.

B-A-N-T framework works to your advantage for opportunity identification by posing multiple relevant questions to the buyer. Our hyper-targeted questions qualify the opportunity based on budget availability, discovering the right authority, tapping the right need or pain points, and if there is a timeframe for the intended purchase. This way, you get qualified leads effectively.

End-to-End Lead Management

Our comprehensive B2B demand generation capabilities allow us to manage your leads throughout their life cycle, encompassing lead nurturing, lead scoring, lead profiling, Etc.

Multi-Channel Approach

Our multi-touch approach to lead generation using various channels such as telemarketing, email marketing, direct marketing, and chat support, improves your sales pipeline.

Mitigating Operational Risks

We keep you away from the hassles of building an in-house lead generation team, enabling rapid scale-up and easy ramp down, and managing operational cost per volume.

Delivering top-line growth.

Accelerate conversion of MQLs, SQLs, & HQLs into revenues in quick time with our lead generation services.

Client testimonials.

Usually our work speaks for itself. At times, our delighted customers say a few nice things about our teams & their work.

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The Datamatics advantage.

One of the largest B2B lead generation and marketing support services company trusted by Fortune 1000 clients around the world.

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