Information to Shareholders

Information to Shareholders

General Information

Mandatory Dematerialization for Transfer of Securities

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has amended the Regulation 40 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 whereby requested that shareholders of listed Companies who continue to hold shares in physical form are advised to dematerialize their shares on or before 5th December, 2018 otherwise transfer of securities in physical form, post 5th December, 2018 will not be permitted.

SEBI vide their Press Release dated 3rd December, 2018 have extended the aforesaid deadline and the transfer of securities only in demat form shall now come into force from April 1, 2019.

Further, SEBI vide its circular dated September 7, 2020 have decided to fix March 31, 2021 as the cut-off date for re-lodgement of transfer deeds which were lodged prior to April 01, 2019 and rejected or returned due to deficiency in the documents. The shares that are re-lodged for transfer (including those request that are pending with the listed company / RTA, as on date) shall henceforth be issued only in demat mode.

Click here for SEBI circular dated 07/09/2020.

Mandatory update of PAN and Bank details against your shareholding held in physical form

Pursuant to SEBI circular dated 20th April 2018, shareholders whose ledger folios do not have or have incomplete details with respect to their PAN and Bank Account particulars are mandatorily required to furnish these details to the Issuer /RTA for registration under their folio.

In view of the above and in compliance with the said SEBI circulars, we request you to kindly update your PAN and Bank account details by submitting following documents/information to us:-

Please do mention the reference Folio No. on all the documents and future correspondence.

Claiming dividend / shares from IEPF Authority

Any person, whose shares, unclaimed or unpaid dividend amount has been transferred by the companyto IEPF may claim their refunds to the IEPF authority.

Procedure to Claim Refund (Form IEPF 5)
  1. Download the form IEPF-5 from the website of IEPF for filing the claim for refund. Read the instructions provided on the website/instruction kit along with the e-form carefully before filling the form.
  2. After filling the form save it on your computer and submit the duly filled form by following the instructions given in the upload link on the website. On successful uploading an acknowledgement will be generated indicating the SRN. Please note the SRN for future tracking of the form.
  3. Take a printout of the duly filled IEPF-5 and the acknowledgement issued after uploading the form.
  4. Submit indemnity bond in original, copy of acknowledgement and self-attested copy of e-form along with the other documents as mentioned in the Form IEPF-5 to Nodal Officer (IEPF) of the company at its registered office in an envelope marked “Claim for refund from IEPF Authority”.
  5. Claim forms completed in all aspects will be verified by the concerned company and on the basis of company’s verification report, refund will be released by the IEPF Authority in favor of claimants’ Aadhaar linked bank account through electronic transfer.
Before filing Complaints with the regulatory bodies please give us an opportunity to redress your grievances

Send your complaints to

Filing complaints on SCORES – Easy & Quick
  1. Register on SCORES Portal
  2. Mandatory details for filing complaints on SCORES:
    Name, PAN, Address, Mobile Number, E-mail ID
  3. Benefits:
    1. Effective communication
    2. Speedy redressal of grievances


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  1. The list of documents provided herein above are indicative and Datamatics reserves the right to call for additional documents for enhanced due diligence on case to case basis.
  2. The Forms & Documents are subject to change, based on amended instructions received from Regulatory and Statutory Authorities.
  3. In case of any further clarifications, you may get in touch with us.

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