Information for Shareholders

Information for Shareholders

General information.

SEBI Circulars:

Investor charter.

To be a trusted, transparent and prompt service provider to the investors, conforming to the highest standards of compliance, confidentiality and professionalism in conduct, to meet the obligation towards investors in Indian capital markets.
  • To maintain high standard of integrity in the conduct of business by fulfilling obligations in a prompt, ethical and professional manner.
  • To comply with all regulatory requirements in a time bound manner
  • To facilitate prompt service to investors by and through streamlining the process and harnessing technology
  • To facilitate easy approach, communication and interface with investors so as to resolve their queries / grievances
  • Providing details of allotment and clarification on allotment.
  • Processing change in /updation of the KYC details of the investors for physical holdings like change of address/bank account details/ e-mail address /telephone/mobile/ nomination and PAN.
  • Processing and updating investor holding/title change requests viz name deletion, transmission, transposition, issue of duplicate shares, dematerialization and rematerialisation of securities.
  • Processing of other requests, viz., recording of declaration w.r.t. exemption / lower tax rates for TDS on dividend/interest, revalidation and reissue of dividend and interest instruments.
  • Execution and intimation of other corporate actions viz., ESOPs, Dividend payment, Stock split, Bonus issue and Merger/Demerger activities.
  • Communication of Rights issue entitlements.
  • Communication of Buyback, exit offer, takeover made by the company/ acquirer, and the procedure to be followed by investor in respect of these issues
  • Mandatory execution of transfer of shares and dividends to IEPF and transfer of undelivered share certificates to Suspense account.
  • Process grievance received through mails and Letters and those through SCORES also.

As a customer-centric organization, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service delivery to investors. We resolve/respond to service requests within the stipulated timelines as stated below:

Sr. No.
Nature of Service
Expected Timelines (Number of days)
Investor Service Request:
Processing of transmission request
Processing of issue of duplicate security certificate request
Processing of dematerialization request
Processing of remat request
Processing of Transposition request
I. Processing of request for change in / up-dation of
a. Name
b. Signature
c. Nomination
d. Contact details (Address, E-mail address and Mobile number)
e. Bank account details
II. Processing of request for Up-dation of PAN
Processing of Re-validation of dividend / interest / redemption instruments and sending the remittance request files to the Bank/Company
Grievance Redressal:
Providing response to the inquiries of the investors and Redressal of Grievance.
Other Operational activities:
Allotment of securities (IPO)
Intimation regarding distribution of corporate benefits (dividend,bonus,stock split)
a. E-mail communication
b. Physical communication
  • Receive all the benefits/ material information declared by the Company.
  • Actively participate in the AGM / EGM of the company & E-voting events so as to be a part of the decision making of the Company’s business resolutions.
  • In case of any grievances, approach Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd., Depository, Company, Stock Exchange or SEBI for resolution within prescribed timelines.



Level-1 -To Listed Company / Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd.:

  • Investor shall check the website of listed company / or website of Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. for the dedicated grievance e-mail ID ([email protected]) and other relevant details of the grievance redressal division /compliance officer for the purpose of registering grievances / complaints.
  • Investor can dial on help numbers or point of service of Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. for any query or concern.
  • For lodging the grievance, the investor can write to listed Company / Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. dedicated e-mail address or through physical letter addressed to:
    Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd.

    Unit: Name of the Listed Company
    Plot No. B-5, Part B Cross lane,
    MIDC, Andheri (East),
    Mumbai – 400 093
  • While lodging a complaint it is necessary for investor to mention the following:
    • Nature of Complaint
    • Name of Issuer Company
    • Folio number
    • Full Name of shareholder
    • E-mail address and mobile number
    • Reference to any previous correspondence made in this regard
    • Provide the relevant documents and also update KYC and details, if there are any changes.
  • Upon receipt of the complaint, Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. after due verification shall send intimation of redressal / resolution of complaint via e-mail / physical letter as applicable within 30 days from the date of receipt of complaint.

Level-2 – To Stock Exchanges – Online registration of complaint / grievance on stock exchanges:

  • The nature of the complaint that can be lodged against listed company has been given on the websites of the Stock Exchange. Upon receipt of complaint, the stock exchange shall forward the same to the concerned company with a copy to the complainant.
  • If the company fails to redress the complaint within 30 days, the exchange sends a reminder to the company and follows up with the company and its respective RTA.

Level-3 – To SEBI – Online registration of complaint / grievance on SCORES

If the investor is not satisfied with the redressal / resolution of the complaint by the listed company / Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd., investor can lodge the complaint with SEBI on SCORES.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism at SEBI:

Complaints can be lodged with SEBI electronically through SEBI Complaints Redress System – SCORES (a web based centralized grievance redressal system of SEBI)

Claiming dividend / shares from IEPF Authority

Any person, whose shares, unclaimed or unpaid dividend amount has been transferred by the company to IEPF may claim their refunds to the IEPF authority.

Procedure to claim refund (Form IEPF 5)

  1. Download the form IEPF-5 from the website of IEPF for filing the claim for refund. Read the instructions provided on the website/instruction kit along with the e-form carefully before filling the form.
  2. After filling the form save it on your computer and submit the duly filled form by following the instructions given in the upload link on the website. On successful uploading an acknowledgement will be generated indicating the SRN. Please note the SRN for future tracking of the form.
  3. Take a printout of the duly filled IEPF-5 and the acknowledgement issued after uploading the form.
  4. Submit indemnity bond in original, copy of acknowledgement and self-attested copy of e-form along with the other documents as mentioned in the Form IEPF-5 to Nodal Officer (IEPF) of the company at its registered office in an envelope marked “Claim for refund from IEPF Authority”.
  5. Claim forms completed in all aspects will be verified by the concerned company and on the basis of company’s verification report, refund will be released by the IEPF Authority in favor of claimants’ Aadhaar linked bank account through electronic transfer.

Before filing Complaints with the regulatory bodies please give us an opportunity to redress your grievances

Send your complaints to [email protected]

SEBI Complaint Redressal System - Filing complaints on SCORES – Easy & Quick

  1. Register on SCORES Portal
  2. Mandatory details for filing complaints on SCORES:
    Name, PAN, Address, Mobile Number, E-mail ID
  3. Benefits:
    1. Effective communication
    2. Speedy redressal of grievances

SMART ODR Portal (Securities Market Approach for Resolution Through ODR Portal):

File a dispute through online dispute resolution portal in case of non-resolution of grievance by the intermediary within the specified timelines –


Download forms.


  1. The list of documents provided herein above are indicative and Datamatics reserves the right to call for additional documents for enhanced due diligence on case to case basis.
  2. The Forms & Documents are subject to change, based on amended instructions received from Regulatory and Statutory Authorities.
  3. In case of any further clarifications, you may get in touch with us.

Contact us

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Board Numbers:
022-66712001 to 2010


Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd.
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Mumbai 400 093,
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Compliance officer for the RTA division

Compliance officer:

Ms. Rita Nagpal

Email ID: [email protected]

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