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Scalable Technology Marketing Solutions for Hyper-Dynamic World

The highly evolving nature of technology industry where products / services outpace the seller capability makes the enterprise sales process, much more complex. There are multitude other factors that compound to the issue including:

Whether you are an established technology player or a new age start-up, above issues could send you back to the drawing board while you keep losing potential clients. Our breadth of experience in B2B Marketing and technology helps you to craft and execute multi-level technology marketing programs that increase the visibility of your brand and subsequently revenues. Datamatics is a partner of choice to large technology brands & communities; SaaS, IT/ITeS, software product & service companies; technology start-ups & AI/Automation/Robotic firms and technology innovation labs. We understand the nuances and unique needs of technology world 

B2B Technology Marketing & CMO Solutions
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Design winning marketing strategies for technology companies

Simplified B2B Tech Marketing

Unlock the potential in a hyper-technology world

Translating technical data into real business opportunities for your complex stack of technology products and platforms

More than 70% organizations believe that having technographic data adds to the effectiveness of sales process. Our comprehensive B2B tech-install and sales enablement services provide you with precise technographic insights of your target accounts and swiftly navigate you through this complex technology buying journey. Top technology brands, software leaders and product management companies rely on our broad range of customer engagement solutions to build revenue pipeline and nurture executive relations for years to come. We are a full services B2B research and technology marketing services provider and our services include: 

Strategic Research

Our business research wing equips you with pin-point market intelligence to drive decisions at each stage. Get a load of insights on total addressable market, market scope, competition, demand drivers, opportunities, challenges, and inhibitors to tap potential business

Technographic Intelligence

Build in-depth intelligence on in-house and third party technology installations which a business function uses along with insights into vendor profiling, contract information, renewals, technology stack, historical purchases etc. to improve campaigns accuracy

Audience Development

We power you with campaigns ready customer data that can be easily plugged into your CRM and marketing automation tools. Build a bespoke list of decision makers and key influencers from Fortune brands or target companies covering a wide array of prospects. Get a list here.

Sales Acceleration

Accelerate your sales cycle by setting in-person meetings with C-Suite & technology leaders using our high-touch inside sales programs. Our trained outbound agents provide you critical on-ground intelligence helping to up-sell, cross-sell and sign-up incremental business

Outbound Campaigns

Design multi-touch point customized campaigns across offline and digital channels such as social media, email marketing, target advertising and direct marketing using education content, complemented by telesales for 360* coverage.

Reporting and Analytics

Performance monitoring and data visualization to extract meaningful insights

Blogs & Thought Leadership

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