Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development for Sustainable Businesses
Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate & Social Development

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. and our comprehensive set of objectives touch many aspects of social well being and social accountability.

We make a positive impact on societies, communities, environments, governments, employees, economy, partners and stakeholders through our ethical standards and practices of conducting business. Our concerted efforts have been towards empowering these various sections of the society and we will continue to so in years to come.

We are committed towards corporate social responsibilities and assure its commitment towards creating sustainable ecosystem in below areas.

Providing employment in best working conditions

Addressing global climate changes and environmental care

Reputation management

Creating equal opportunities through education & training

Protect & preserving nature with Go-Green initiatives

Anti-corruption measures

Women empowerment & enablement

Sustainability through responsible sourcing

Good governance and corporate ethics

Our CSR Commitments

Shaping a Sustainable Future

We are committed to the Environment and Communities we operate in.

SEFD Exhibition
SEFD Exhibition

Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. (DBSL) believes in empowering communities. SEFD (Self-Esteem Foundation for Disabled) is a non-profitable organization working to provide a life with self-esteem and dignity for persons with disabilities. We have been encouraging SEFD to create awareness about their cause by providing them an opportunity to showcase their craft and creations at our offices.

Kshamata Exhibition

Kshamata is a non-profitable organization working for an integrated socio-economic rehabilitation and reintegration of survivors of human trafficking, particularly the women, from Mumbai. DBSL has been wholeheartedly supporting the humanitarian cause and empowering the survivors to overcome the crisis, start better lives and redefine the communities.

Kshamata Exhibition
Blood Donation Camp
Blood Donation Camp

The Bombay City Red Cross Blood Center is one of Mumbai’s leading blood centers driving a daycare Thalassemia center where 50 underprivileged patients (children) are enrolled for regular transfusion twice or thrice for their survival. DBSL stepped ahead to bestow the precious gift of life to those in need and poor patients by contributing to the blood donation camp. This worthy cause witnessed remarkable participation of the Datamaticians.

Go Green Program
DBSL is passionate about environmental sustainability. We believe in protecting the nature and all its natural resources to entrust it to the next generations. With the Go Green program, we are striving hard to reduce our ecological footprint and turn sustainability challenges into opportunities to make a positive impact on the planet, people, and society.
Go Green Program
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