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Innovation and Technology Intelligence
The growing adoption of Cloud, analytics, big data, and the emergence of digital technologies like Robotics, AI, ML, IOT, AR/VR, Cognitive Computing, NLP, Blockchain, Virtual, & Self-Help Assistants has set global organizations across industries on the path to transformation. Today, companies of all sizes, even start-ups, face competitive and disruptive pressures that force them to rethink business models, cultures, and operations. Every company needs a piece of smart technology that will keep them ahead of the competition, enable sustainability, solve their biggest strategic problems, and help elevate their brand. Although the technology itself is a disruptor, large & small technology corporations are facing disruption due to its high proliferation and expansive nature. The pace at which the dynamics of the technology industry change it opens a wide array of opportunities and threats to every business. This warrants a credible and agile partner that can keep you ahead of the competition.

Assess, benchmark, & analyse tech disruptions.

Our comprehensive technology research services will lead your innovation investments in the right direction.
With over a decade of experience in technology research, we deliver reliable intelligence and deeper insights into state-of-the-art technology innovation and trends and competitor benchmarking. It paves a way forward to help you define and implement successful research and innovation projects. We deploy a hybrid research model that is data-driven, human-powered, and technology-enabled to deliver fast insights to future-proof your business decisions.
Assess, Benchmark & Analyze Tech Disruptions

Attractive White Space Identification

Technoloy gaps identification to assessing future potential research areas. This enables businesses to channelize their R&D efforts towards attractive product segments & technologies. Technology or patent white spaces are combined with market assessment based on customers and competition to ensure greater ROI for innovation and R&D investments.

Technology Evolution and Landscape Analysis

In-depth analysis of historical, current and forecasted technology trends to help businesses identify emerging IP opportunities, risks and plan for potential market opportunities.

Competitive Intelligence

Identifying, tracking, and analyzing patent activities and strategies to monitor competition. Benchmarking existing competitor patents to help gauge current technical competitiveness and develop growth strategies.

Other market research & analysis services.

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