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Business Research and Analysis

Whether you are planning to introduce a new product, venture into a new market, get your investments right, improve marketing performance or improve your competitive position, you need in-depth market research for building a business plan based on data-driven insights.

We have a highly specialized B2B business research & analysis team that conducts laser-sharp market research. This research is defined by your business needs and challenges. Our research is based on strategic objectives to get relevant information. We offer –

White Space Analysis

White Space Analysis

We provide insights on new market opportunities, Total Addressable Market (TAM) along with customer buying behavior trends with effective research analysis. The B2B market data insights help you analyze a wide range of attributes like -- preferred products and services, potential demand and factors influencing their buying decisions. We help you channelize your go-to-market efforts and identify domain-specific technology gaps.

Patent Landscape Study - icon

Patent Landscape Study

We provide B2B market insights for in-depth analysis of the past, present and future technology trends across industries. We help you with research and analysis to prepare for emerging risks and potential business opportunities based on new technologies. We help businesses widen their audience reach and leverage technology to boost their business outcomes.

Competitive Intelligence - icon

Competitive Intelligence

We identify, track and analyze competitors’ patenting activities and strategies. This helps clients with market research, portfolio benchmarking and provides insights into their current technical competitiveness. Our intelligent business research analysis will give you an edge over your competition. We help you outperform competition and come up with business strategies to stay ahead of competitors.

Patent Scouting and Monetization - icon

Patent Scouting and Monetization

We help you analyze and evaluate existing technologies that can potentially add value to your business. Our B2B business research and analysis experts perform technology gap analysis to understand the present market ecosystem. We discover new opportunities in existing and adjacent markets by understanding how technology can be used or innovated for new applications.

Transform. Disrupt. Innovate. Leverage Intelligent Analysis for Business Growth.

Enabling strategic decision making.

Your strategic research partner for the latest market trends and translating insights to action.

Datamatics Business Solutions’ comprehensive suite of B2B research & analysis services brings you business insights that can transform information into actionable outcomes. We offer customized research solutions to small & large enterprises, start-up, consulting firms, investment banks, and private equity firms. We provide in-depth insights on customer buying behaviors, competitive strategies, technology advancements, product research, micro & macroeconomic environment, and supply-demand scenarios and regulatory compliance.

Our real-time B2B data market insights are accurate enough to keep you abreast of the latest developments. It enables you to identify growth opportunities in the market, maneuver competitive strategy, and design products and services based on the needs of consumers. Whether your business is in a start-up stage or an expansion stage, our team of experienced researchers will decode the market trends and optimize your marketing strategies effectively.

Why Datamatics?.

Industry Expertise - icon

Industry Expertise

Datamatics offers more than two decades of experience in researching markets, businesses and technologies. Our research experts come with rich experience in key sectors such as automotive, chemicals, ICT, industrials, and packaging having operated in over 25 countries.

Research Capabilities - icon

Research Capabilities

With Datamatics research capabilities, you get access to verified databases and a wide range of research and support across complexity levels. Strategic partnership with fieldwork agencies along with sector experts will make your project execution simple and productive.

Enhance In-market Effectiveness - icon

Enhance In-market Effectiveness

We help you enhance your in-market effectiveness with accurate research and analysis. Our research aims at improving the quality and precision of your marketing decisions and help you stay up-to-date with market trends and financial performance analysis.

Outcome-driven Strategies - icon

Outcome-driven Strategies

Detailed evaluation of new untapped opportunities enables you to expand your market presence and build a strong competitive positioning. Our research and intelligent analysis assist you in forming global strategies and executing them for business growth.

Bridge the Gap between Business Strategy and Execution

Demystifying your strategic conundrums.

Bespoke & accurate estimates of market & intelligence for strategic business planning.

We help you uncover and explore the consumer dynamics through our proprietary data collection and analytical tools, enabling you to streamline your marketing mix with consumer behavior. We understand the strategic advantage of having precise and actionable supply chain intelligence along with in-depth business research analysis. It allows Datamatics to group its procurement expertise and overabundance of primary and secondary research to guide you in channel selection, partner benchmarking, and enhancing distribution strategies.

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