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Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. (DBSL) is a global provider of intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) services to several Fortune 500 companies. Datamatics is a 35+ year old organization, headquartered in Mumbai, Asia. The 1500+ employees strong company has presence across Americas and Europe.

  • Customer acquisition and retention solutions

    Delivering top-line growth through i-CARS framework

    Intelligent demand generation programs are defined, designed & implemented through our proprietary i-CARS (Intelligent Customer Acquisition Retention Solution) framework. It is a comprehensive solution that delivers a customized 360° marketing strategy and related outcomes for global enterprises. 

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    Increase in business revenue
    Reduced sales cycle


  • B2B database solutions

    Accelerating global sales & marketing opportunities through i-Data framework

    i-Data (Intelligent Database Management solutions) develops, designs, and delivers validated B2B database solutions, powered by cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA). By integrating with businesses at each stage of the marketing data life cycle, it delivers accurate, relevant and real-time database powered by multi-dimensional intelligence. 

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    Increased opportunities
    Team of research experts
  • iWebhr

    Streamlining HR processes to increase employee satisfaction through iWebhr technology

    iWebhr (Integrated HR, Payroll and Compliance Solution) designs, develops and delivers a cutting-edge payroll management experience. It consolidates and centralizes payroll solutions for HR managers across locations and geographies.

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    Compliance insurance
  • Customer engagement solutions

    Driving multi-channel customer delight through i-Touch mechanism

    The i-Touch (Multi-pronged customer engagement) mechanism delivers a high level of customer satisfaction for multi-channel customer engagement. It uses an integrated contact center which is backed by a robust infrastructure. Our multi-channel practice caters to the diverse needs of both B2B and B2C companies.  

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  • Finance and accounting solutions

    Enhancing financial control through i-Spends analytics

    The i-Spends (Intelligent Spend Analytics Solution) framework delivers accuracy, efficiency and streamlined operational performance to enhance financial control. The culture of excellence is delivered to CFOs across the globe through a dedicated team of Business Process Management professionals.

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  • Accounting and tax solutions

    Intelligent & forecasted services that deliver cost-optimization.

    An one-stop solution for Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firms and business owners. It provides technology-driven Accounting and Tax services that deliver cost optimization to accounting firms across the globe. Datamatics Business Solutions has worked closely with tax and accounting experts in key markets including the US, Canada, and UK. We hold an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory and statutory practices governing financial compliances.

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    Reduced operational cost
    Data confidentiality
  • Research and intelligence

    Enabling strategic decision making for global enterprises.

    We enable global organizations to take tactical and strategic business decisions. Our customized research solutions across industries provides actionable insights & research bandwidth to large enterprises, consulting firms, investment banks & private equity firms.

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