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Fully Integrated Services for Manufacturing Industry

Since, the industrial revolution, manufacturing has been the driving commercial force. In recent times, the drastic reshaping happened in customers’ purchase pattern has initiated some obstacles in the manufacturing sector’s customer acquisition path. The impact of COVID-19 has also forced companies to focus on smart manufacturing approaches, de-risking the supply chain cycle and use of cutting-age technologies to usher the production. Emerging technologies like 3D printing, advanced robotics, internet of things (IOT) are hosting radical new growth opportunities as well as pressures for manufacturing sector.

Datamatics is helping global manufacturers to navigate through these challenging landscapes by providing integrated and customized solutions that enable intelligence for smarter decision, continuously innovate through disruptive technologies, streamline business processes and superior data management strategies.

Fully Integrated Services for Manufacturing Industry

Build awareness, generate sales, diversify your markets.

Data, Research & GTM Support

Unlock New Business Opportunities.

Data, market insights & GTM support for a Iong term success

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Analytical Research

Our proficient research team implements extensive market research, identifies the best possible avenues, and explores the entire prospect universe by tapping various critical aspects such as product demand, competition, market scope, challenges, etc.

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Technographic Database Integration

Our data intelligence experts craft the buyer-persona – a typical representative of the target market after tracing various data components such as title, company, country, job role, email id, buying patterns, preferences, decision making authority, etc., through real-time data rolling channels.

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Adopting buyer-centric process

The tech-savvy customers’ buying pattern has evolved upside down. This has raised the bar for manufacturing companies to grab the attention of potential customers. With the B2B demand generation program, Datamatics customizes marketing campaigns that focus on the buyer demographics, right outreach & follow-up, which ultimately drives deal closures.

End-to-end marketing solutions for the manufacturing sector.

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Data by Roles & Decision-Makers

Marketing Solutions

Business Process Management

Creating a Resilient Manufacturing World.

We help global manufacturing companies address global competitive challenges, economic feasibility, achieve financial strength, streamline processes and contain costs and by streamlining their back office operations right from Finance & Accounting, HR & Payroll, Tax Preparation to managing the customer life-cycle needs.

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Finance & Accounting

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HR & Payroll Services

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Customer Experience Management



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