Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All you wanted to know about Datamatics Business Solutions, Demand Gen, Data Solutions, F&A, CPA Services and more.

Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Datamatics Business Solutions and its service offerings in a nutshell.

Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. (DBSL) is a pioneer in technology outsourcing and business support services. It is a leader in providing intelligent business solutions to Fortune 1000 enterprises, small & mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and CPA firms.

DBSL offers a wide range of smart business solutions.

Marketing solutions – B2B demand generation solutions; B2B data solutions; Business Research & Analysis; Customer Experience Management.

Finance & Accounting solutions – Corporate finance and accounting; CPA accounting, taxation & payroll services; Content moderation solutions; Registrar & Transfer agents.

Yes! Datamatics offers customized business solutions that cater to your unique business needs.

YES! DBSL has helped companies across the globe with its data & lead generation solutions.

  • US (50%)
  • EU & UK (31%)
  • APAC & others (19%)
  • TIC sector (27%)
  • Media & Publishing (24%)
  • Events (12%)
  • BFSI (15%)
  • Manufacturing (3%)
  • HC (1%)
  • Others (18%)
  • Sales & Marketing (75%)
  • Finance (21%)
  • Strategy (5%)

Datamatics business intelligence solutions enable you in decision making with intelligent and actionable insights. Backed with 200,00+ hours of research and consulting support, we offer market intelligence along with deal sourcing and execution support. Our benchmarking and whitespace identification services help you innovate and make better business decisions.

The database consists of 40mn+ verified contacts of key influencers and decision makers across industries. Datamatics updates the databases at regular intervals to ensure data accuracy.

We offer early-stage lead prospecting to generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). Once qualified, we engage and nurture them through various marketing initiatives. Our BANT framework and appointment setting services help you convert them into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). We have customized solutions to accelerate the sales velocity and lead conversion.

Our expertise will accelerate your sales process by 60% while reducing the cost of lead generation by almost 50%. This allows you to engage your resources in other business critical functions and enhance employee productivity and eventually, business outcomes.

Datamatics offers the following solutions for Marketers – Database building and enrichment; Account based marketing (ABM); Content syndication; Drip Campaigns; Lead Generation; BANT qualified leads; Appointment setting; Marketing and Sales campaign analysis and insights.

Yes, we offer calling services for lead generation and appointment setting.

We provide a snapshot of the prospect with the company overview, business description, major developments and top decision makers’ contacts. We can easily customize the information fields to include organograms, technical and demographic data according to your business needs.

Datamatics offers a mix of customized and industrialized data solutions – Database building, data enrichment, analytics & Business Intelligence, design & editorial, data cleansing, data loading, reporting and image editing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and cloud technologies are used for data management and automation of various repetitive tasks to improve accuracy and deliver error-free results.

A Hybrid Data Cleansing model comprises of 80% Digital Labor and 20% Experts Reviewers needed to deliver data productivity improvements & accelerate revenues for global businesses. It is a smart integration of Robotic Process Automation and human ingenuity. You can read more about the hybrid cleansing model.

Our database cleansing and enrichment modules optimize your campaigns with unmatched data accuracy and coverage for precise customer engagement from day one. We help you unlock the value of your data by doing thorough analysis, gap identification, structuring, validation, quality check, and delivering the most accurate records with current information at your fingertips.

DBSL is completely GDPR compliant in sourcing, analyzing and processing of business data. Our bespoke data solutions are built through GDPR and CCPA aligned processes backed by smart strategies for processing, gathering and protecting individual data.

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