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Data Quality Management

Data Quality Management​

A recent study revealed that B2B data decays at a rate of 70% per year and close to 45% of business enterprises do not possess a data quality strategy. As annoying as it may be, data decay is an intrinsic outcome of the constantly changing B2B landscape. From marketing, demand generation, customer engagement to sales, bad data not just impacts the revenues but could run deeper into your CRM systems, eroding the bottom-line growth and efficiency.

As the size of databases amplify, the chances of that data becoming obsolete or dirty also amplifies. Thus, having complete, accurate and consistent data is extremely vital for your prospecting and customer retention efforts. Our CRM data cleansing solution integrates with all the top CRM tools including Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM, SAP CRM, Oracle CRM, ZOHO CRM, Marketo etc. to deliver the most accurate data and let you achieve unparalleled data standards.


Data Quality Management​

Enriched and accurate data delivered straight into your CRM

CRM Cleansing and Enrichment

Right Data At Right Place

Helping you maintain a single customer view to get optimal value out of your data.

We all live in a data-driven era where data keeps growing bigger and the customer information continuously changes faster. In sales, marketing and customer services world where relationships matter the most; data needs utmost attention. Since quality of data records are vital to business performance; single customer view now becomes a determining factor for advanced decision making and accelerating sales-marketing efforts.

What creates a bad CRM record?

Business Contacts Icon
Contact moves on from a company or a location
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CRM integration with web-forms and gated content
List imports from 3rd party or brokered data & legacy CRM
List imports from 3rd party brokered data or legacy CRM
Database integration due to acquisition or merger
Data inherited as a result of acquisition or merger
Distributed workforce / users avoiding standard inputs
Missing fields or users avoiding standard inputs

Our comprehensive CRM cleansing platform analyzes, cleans, enhances & monitors your data to maintain a single customer view and keeps it most active during its entire life cycle. We cleanse data with numerous custom matching rules to identify anomalies, merge or remove duplicates automatically based on your company’s unique needs. With our structured data cleansing what you get is actionable, accurate and compliant B2B database with over 50 unique values per contact record. Use it to identify your next target prospects, enrich leads or strategic analysis and translate bad data into new business opportunities. 

Optimize CRM Usage

Optimize CRM Usage

Maximize CRM adoption among users across the enterprise

Enhance customer connect

Enhance Engagement

Enhance customer connect rate with near-zero email bounce backs

optimize ROI

Optimize Cost

Cut down on recurring sales & marketing spend and optimize ROI

Enhance Personalization

Enhance Personalization

Empower your GTM campaigns with ideal customer profiles

Data Cleansing and Data Enrichment

Real-Time Data Enhancement

Steer your campaigns with unmatched data accuracy & coverage for unmatched results.

Most organizations hold heaps of customer data without realizing the value when its fresh, or the problems when it starts decaying. Data decay is a widely overlooked aspect across organization, which can cost 10 times the original cost of fixing it. Facts say that more than 1/3rd of B2B contact database decays year on year; a reason why most data experts spend 60% of their effort in fixing data than monetizing it.

For B2B sales and marketers, it means losing precious marketing dollars behind every unsuccessful campaign or a pointless attempt to convert information into revenue. Each day you stop focusing on data decay; graver the impact on your business.

What leads to data decays & disparity?

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Inorganic data originating from multiple sources like subscriptions, acquisition, consolidation, brokered data & research
Database integration due to acquisition or merger
Unutilized or inactive data sourced from marketing activations like webinars, surveys, events, content syndication & gated online content
Distributed workforce / users avoiding standard inputs
Stale & incomplete record, missing details like demographic, firmographic or sociographic insights for personalized targeting

Our database cleansing and enrichment module optimizes your campaigns with unmatched data accuracy and coverage for precise customer engagement from day one. We help you unlock value of your data by doing thorough analysis, gap identification, structuring, validation, quality check and delivering the most accurate records with current information at your fingertips.

Database Health Check & Cleansing Services

Database Enrichment Services

Our data security and encryption are of enabled by enterprise class platforms and technologies that offer end to end data-centric approach safeguarding your enterprise data at each level. These data security standards comply to industry security requirements and ensure bullet proof protection from malicious attacks, data breaches and enable you to seamlessly move or access the data from any cloud environment.

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We are in a business that changes continuously, where our goalposts keep shifting. In this scenario, our current database became large and complex. That’s when we decided to approach Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. and clear up the clutter. We now get more value from our data and are able to take smarter business decisions.
Data Marketing Manager
Leading Marketing Automation Company
We generated more than a million records over a decade. Our database had so much unstructured data that we just couldn’t leverage it for the business. Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. took very little time to design an intelligent database management system for us. They were happy to make all the customizations that we needed. It was truly a phenomenal achievement!
Head Database
Data Intelligence & Marketing Advisory Firm
Our association with Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. goes back to more than a decade. With their continuous support in database management, we have created many successful sales strategies. Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. has put us in a position of dominance in our industry.
Director of Sales & Marketing
Multinational Engineering and Electronics Company

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