Comply to strategic & financial priorities
with world-class R2R process

Create high-performance R2R business processes for
error-free closure of accounts and financial compliance.

Record to Report

Accurate and timely reporting provides strategic, financial, and operational insights. It is a crucial step in the quest for the company’s growth and focuses on strategic opportunities. The Record-to-Report process must be robust, controlled, and technology-enabled to provide an accurate view of the organization enabling management to make prudent business decisions.

Datamatics’ Record-to-Report solutions guarantee timely closure of account books and precision and integrity of financial data. All of that, without compromising compliance with financial statements as defined under the fiscal and statutory reporting requirements. Our solutions deliver quicker financial closure with accurate and real-time information to accelerate strategic decisions. We blend human intelligence and domain expertise to reimagine your R2R processes. We also leverage new-age technologies like RPA, Machine Learning, AI, Cloud, and Analytics to identify further opportunities for optimizing operation costs and streamlining your processes.

Assess and control your financial health.

Streamline your financial analysis processes to monitor and budget your cash flow effectively.
As an extended team to your organization, we leverage our process expertise, bring in the right mix of intelligent automation, industry best practices, and people skills to build the next generation R2R function.

Our services include: 

Get the focus back on strategic activities.

Deliver timely and accurate information to achieve financial visibility.

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Faster Financial-Close Process

Efficient performance, faster closure, and error-free and timely reporting.

R2R Transformation

Comprehensive R2R capabilities with automation and standardization to maximize efficiency and provide best-in-class delivery.

Operational Impact

~30%-40% reduction in operational cost through consolidation, process simplification, talent optimization and standardization.

Business Impact

Improve quality, compliance, process control, and enable faster speed-to-market. Technology can bring strategic value through innovation, resulting in improved customer services & profitability.

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