Transform your CFO Office: Bridge the Gap between Strategy & Execution

Transform your CFO Office: Bridge the Gap between Strategy & Execution

Given the uncertain macro-economic environment and inflationary pressures, CEOs, CFOs and Boards of Directors of companies, as well as NFPs, are in need of transformative solutions. To insulate them from the current F&A challenges and deliver results, achieve scale and drive growth, RAMP FAS & Datamatics Business Solutions addressed all such issues at a strategic and execution level through the webinar.

Webinar Key Takeaways

  • Levers to strategically transform the finance function and make it resilient to external threats
  • Strategic options available to CEOs/BoD in the current scenario
  • Optimize the cost of operations & build scale without disruptions
  • Role of AI and ML in transforming the Finance function
  • High-level understanding of our unique strategy to partner with CEOs/CFOs and Boards of Directors

All webinar participants will be eligible for a Free Consultation Call to assess the maturity of their F&A processes against industry benchmarks.

We can also create a transformation roadmap for your F&A processes.


Jeff Ayre

Jeff Ayre

President, RAMP FAS

Sumit Mahajan

Sumit Mahajan

Chief Sales Officer, DBSL


Stephen Butler

Stephen Butler

Co-Founder | Partner, Rimrock Advisory Partners



RAMP FAS is a wholly owned subsidiary of RAMP Executive Consulting Group.
RAMP FAS provides comprehensive end-to-end Finance and Accounting services for a broad range of private and public enterprises, as well as not for profits.


About Rimrock Advisory Partners

Rimrock’s Lean Advisory Boards deliver the expertise that entrepreneurs need to grow, exit or restructure faster and more efficiently with better outcomes. The Rimrock Advisory Partners complement and maximize the value of existing expertise.


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