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Market Intelligence and Trends

Our market intelligence solutions aim to assess the business environment with respect to external and internal factors and enable strategic decision-making. Datamatics’ Market Intelligence solutions provide actionable insights into various business-critical factors and custom research for informed decision-making.

Our services equip you with actionable insights on:

Expand your business with accurate projections from our Market Intelligence Services.

We decipher market trends with market intelligence tools and optimize strategies to address new business opportunities effectively. Our market intelligence services enable global organizations to understand macro-economic issues and their nuanced relationship to specific sectors.

We give you a competitive advantage by understanding the behaviors, preferences, drivers, & inhibitors with in-depth market trend analysis.

Market Trends Analysis

Continuous monitoring, aggregating, and distilling of relevant market information provides business leaders ready to use insights to take strategic and tactical decisions.

Country Assessments

Our market intelligence services assess target country’s economic, geo-political, market, competitive and infrastructural conditions.

Sector Research

In-depth insights like trends, drivers, and challenges in critical sectors for effective targeting and investment decisions.

Market Opportunity Assessment & Sizing

ndependent assessment of the total addressable market (TAM) opportunity to approach business goals with greater confidence.

Market Mapping

A fact-based perspective on the competition, target audience, success factors, and preferences for enhanced position and growth.

Market Entry Strategy

A winning strategy built on in-depth analysis of potential challenges, benchmarking best practices, and evaluating new market entry modes with industry trends analysis.

March ahead of your competitors.

Assessments, benchmarks & information that position you strategically against your competition with our market intelligence services.

We track competition with our market intelligence tools to identify threats from substitutes, benchmark best practices, and build responses to external environmental and market forces. This enables businesses to grow market share and enhance brand equity.

Competitor Profiling

Market intelligence solutions to understand what competitors are offering to your target audience and what are their marketing strategies.

Competitor Product or Service Benchmarking

Comprehensive benchmark of products & services against competitors to improve market share and maximize profits.

Corporate Strategic Benchmarking

Detailed benchmarking of product lines, marketing and sales campaigns to determine value accretive strategies.

Competitive Insights

Powerful insights built by asking the right questions to peers and providing unbiased answers on the way ahead.

Market Disruptions

Market risks and disruption impact assessment to equip businesses with accurate information driving businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

Product and Technology Trends

Our team of experts analyze the product and technology landscape and the industry sector to help you stay relevant in a fast-changing world.

Identifying perception to create differentiators.

Calibrate your product & target market strategies to actual consumer demands with market intelligence solutions.
Target Identification Icon

Target Identification

Accurate target identification enables businesses to zero in on the right audience for developing effective business development strategies.
Prospect Intelligence Icon

Prospect Intelligence

Detailed analysis of prospects to understand their business, decision-makers and unmet needs to design a winning pitch.

Voice of Customer Icon

Voice of Customer

Capturing customers’ expectations, preferences and needs to drive new product and service ideas.
Customer Satisfaction & Perception Analysis Icon

Customer Satisfaction & Perception Analysis

End-to-end multi-channel customer views, critical appraisals, perceptions, motivations, and preferences.

Streamlining supply chain ecosystem.

Implement sourcing strategies with credible & timely intelligence on the supplier-partner ecosystem.
Our market intelligence tools understand the target audience and build the right partnerships for your business. Enabling procurement professionals to enhance capacity and capability to track non-core categories, identify new suppliers, support price discovery, and other strategic sourcing initiatives. We guide in channel selection, partner benchmarking and enhancing distribution strategies.

Supplier Partner identification and due diligence

Building a comprehensive supplier or channel database covering details on partner reputation, history, competitive strengths, and strategic levers to identify the best fits.

Industry Best Practices

Industry best practices comparison and benchmarking of industry best practices related to the optimal mix of distribution channels empowering businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

Best Cost Strategy Support

Low cost regional resource sourcing strategy support encompassing a variety of quantitative and qualitative parameters.

Category Reports

The periodic category reports understanding market trends, prices, demand-supply, and macro indicators.

Channel Partner Analysis

Monitoring of channel partners through partner performance information, market feedback, efficiency, and satisfaction levels.

Other market research & analysis services.

Accounts payable automation - The key to Sustainable Growth.

Accounts Payable automation (AP Automation) is the coming together of detailed process knowledge and advanced technology to automate complex accounts payable processes while making them more effective and efficient. Market estimates state that over 21% small & medium enterprises are actively evaluating AP automation options.

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