How AI Powered Solutions are Transforming B2B Organizations

How AI Powered Solutions are Transforming B2B Organizations

We all interact with Artificial Intelligence (AI) on a daily basis in one way or the other without us even realizing it. Such is the omnipresent usage of AI in modern lifestyles.

Yet, there are those for whom AI still is the stuff of sci-fi dystopias. The good thing is that such characterization of AI is waning, although slowly, but certainly. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that artificial intelligence in current times is part of every household around the world (Hey, Siri!).

That said, it’s worth mentioning that while artificial intelligence has slowly made a place in mainstream society, AI Powered Solutions is not a very new concept. And even though AI as technology came into existence back in 1956, it has grown by leaps and bounds to reach a point where building AI systems, is almost table stakes for every modern business. From healthcare to entertainment, from mundane to pathbreaking, AI has paved its way into all walks of life and turned several possibilities into reality.

The proliferation of artificial intelligence as technology has turned it into an essential tool for business transformation worldwide, and every business is investing heavily in AI to gain a competitive edge. AI-powered B2B data solutions is one area, where implementing AI to gain a competitive edge has made a huge difference.

With hyper-personalization and integrity permeating the customer experience, B2B marketers across every industry are turning to AI to create relevant and personalized customer experiences. In this post, we take a closer look at some of the most prevalent ways in which AI-powered B2B data solutions are transforming businesses worldwide by revamping B2B marketing as we know it.

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Four Ways in which AI-Powered Solutions are transforming B2B Marketing

To gather B2B data that is reliable, accurate, actionable and measurable, organizations rely on data providers. However, it is important to partner with the vendor that understands your business needs and can deliver customized data solutions for better outcomes. Here are five red flags that you must avoid while choosing a B2B data provider.

1. Lead Generation and Scoring

If we have to pin-point two of the biggest challenges that modern marketers face, we will have to say:

  1. Generating more leads
  2. Generating high-quality leads

The simple reason is that both generating leads in numbers and generating high-quality leads are labor-intensive processes. It takes a lot of time to gather the relevant data, do proper data cleansing and enrichment, and finally, do a thorough analysis to split the database into suitable lists. All this could take a business week, in some cases even months, to build a market-ready database. But if you introduce AI into the whole equation by automating the data collection and analysis part of your lead generation processes, you can significantly bring that time down to just a few days, depending upon the database size you have.

Not to mention the eradication of human errors, which will boost both the quantity and quality of your leads. Artificial intelligence can also be incorporated deep into your sales funnel for capturing real-time business data across various channels and even databases that are beyond the realm of accessibility for marketers. The increased data accuracy and quantity of leads help marketers build more relevant personas for targeting and build a relatively comprehensive lead-scoring system.

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With lead generation being such a time-consuming manual task, automation in this area is a powerful tool to optimize productivity and get better results. AI allows marketers to spend less time manually collecting data and more time actually using the data to run strategic campaigns.

2.  Better Data, Better Insights

With every modern business evangelizing personalization for targeting customers, it’s only fair to question the quality of data used to derive insights for hyper-personalization. This is why modern businesses create buyer personas or ideal customer profiles using data available within their CRMs and train AI bots to improve lead generations and sales conversions.

When combined with technologies such as social listening and advanced analytics, AI can help businesses achieve great insights into their customer’s buying patterns, etc. All this allows businesses create customized campaigns to target their prospects effectively, and AI plays a crucial role in assisting them to achieve all this.

3.  Improved Customer Relationship Management

Artificial intelligence is transforming CRM Data management as we know it. Businesses are increasingly using platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot and Zoho, which employ AI to enrich customer data and many other data collection techniques to keep CRM data clean.

The application of AI on existing data also helps businesses understand and, at times, predict the business needs of their current customers to bundle or curate a new service to serve them better. This makes customer relationship management a lot more efficient and generate additional revenues for the business.

4.  Improved Predictive Analytics and Data Research

The application of Artificial intelligence on databases allows you to identify developing patterns in customer behavior and address customer needs with relevant service or product. The increased number of connected devices has resulted in a massive increase in data generated daily. Using AI for data research has made it easier for businesses to prepare themselves for customer needs better and even create customized experiences for their customer base.

The Path Ahead for AI

How businesses will leverage AI in the future needs to be seen, the one thing that we can say with absolute certainty is that the possibilities are endless, if we have to go by the recent developments in the field of AI.

Whether we have entirely “driverless” cars in the near future is yet to be seen (we won’t tweet that for now), but we all can be assured that AI certainly will make most of the logic-driven tasks automated. So, no matter your B2B data quandary, you can rely on AI to fix it. If not, we are just a call away with our B2B data experts. Just write to us at:, and we will connect you to one of our experts who will help you address your B2B data challenges.


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James Libera

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