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Market Intelligence

Delivering value accretive market intelligence and insights

Solutions aimed at delivering in-depth assessment of businesses’ external and internal environment to facilitate strategic and tactical decisions.  Market Intelligence suite provides regular monitoring of environmental factors as well as on-demand research for informed decision making.

Economy & Markets

We decode market trends and optimize strategies to address business opportunities effectively. Expert analysis enables global organizations to develop thorough understanding of macro-economic issues and their nuanced relationship to specific sectors.

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Competitive Landscape 

We track competition periodically to identify threats from substitutes, benchmark best practices and build responses to external environmental and market forces. This enables businesses to grow market share and enhance brand equity.

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Prospects & Customers

We unfold the most relevant understanding of prospects and customers understanding through an experienced team of researchers and analysts enabling businesses to improve in-market efficiency and effectiveness.

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Suppliers & channel partners

We sift through the crowd and build the right kind of partnerships for your business. Enabling procurement professionals to enhance capacity and capability to track “tail end” non-core categories, identify new suppliers, support price discovery and a variety of other strategic sourcing initiatives. While we guide in channel selection, partner benchmarking and enhance distribution strategies.

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