The Future of Demand Generation: Key Stats & Trends
The future of demand generation has arrived, and the rules have changed.

The future of demand generation has arrived, and the rules have changed. With the introduction of revenue marketing, the emphasis has shifted from simply generating leads to nurturing prospects to convert them into customers.

But how do you know if your demand generation strategy is working? What metrics should be used to measure success? What are some best practices that will ensure you have a successful strategy for years to come?

Today, demand generation aims to produce sales rather than leads. Due to the volume and variety of information available in today’s marketing environment and how quickly new developments or trends can change that data, it is also a much more strategic endeavour than it once was.

With so many factors influencing your strategy right from the start, you need a method that will allow for flexibility while still allowing you to seize opportunities when they present themselves without wasting resources on activities outside your strategy’s purview (like traditional lead gen). ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

Demand generation gets you the attention you want, piques interest in the minds of your potential customers, and generates ROI as you scale up your sales.

The best way to describe it is magnetic marketing, which combines the charm of marketing with the intelligent insight of sales and customer service. Simply put, you don’t want to immediately attempt the pitch, you might end up losing a prospect.

Marketers realize this, and that’s why global businesses are adapting to the latest B2B demand generation trends. This new marketing era can help you make your top-of-the-funnel more inviting.

This infographic highlights the future of demand generation trends, its key statistics and trends:

The Future of Demand Generation Key Stats & Trends
The Future of Demand Generation Key Stats & Trends


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