Difference Between Demand Gen and Lead Gen

If you’ve used the terms demand generation and lead generation interchangeably in the business ecosystem, you are not alone. Even though marketers understand their importance, they often fail to understand the key differences between demand and lead generation.

While demand gen focuses on creating brand awareness and educating people about your product and service offerings, lead generation focuses on moving a prospect from information discovery phase to a potential sale or sign-up.

Despite the differences between demand and lead generation, they both serve the goal of increasing business revenue. It would be incorrect to consider one more important that the other. For successful business campaigns, it is always beneficial to have demand gen and lead gen strategies working together.

Through demand generation strategies, you can deliver relevant and helpful information to your audience. You can educate them about your business and build trust. Following this, depending on the interest shown, your sales team can reach out to the prospects and nurture them with more information that will help them make better and informed buying decisions.

The following infographic will help you understand the key differences between demand and lead generation.

Demand Gen vs Lead Gen
Demand Gen vs Lead Gen


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