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Enhancing financial control through i-Spends analytics 

The i-Spends (Intelligent Spend Analytics Solution) framework delivers accuracy, efficiency and streamlined operational performance to enhance financial control. The culture of excellence is delivered to CFOs across the globe through a dedicated team of Business Process Management professionals.

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i-Spends is the trusted solution for manufacturing, retail, BFSI, pharma, IT & FMCG and more firms, focused on cost and resource optimization. The service takes the stress out of Finance & Accounting processes while delivering best-in-class performance and allows internal stakeholders to stay focused on strategic responsibilities.

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We assure total security of client data with 99% + accurate reports, increase in efficiency and improvement in financial data management. This smart spend management service is an end-to-end customized solution for financial and accounting processes.

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The i-Spends solution includes:

Procure-to-Pay (P2P): The paperless P2P system facilitates effortless indexing of purchase orders, invoices and payment records for storage & retrieval. The solution enables a seamless process from point of order to payment and maximizes procurement cost savings.

Order-to-Cash (O2C): The O2C solution speeds up revenue cycles for faster results on bottom-line. The solution is built to collaborate with processes right from the start for significant improvement in operating costs and working capital.

Record-to-Report (R2R): The R2R solution delivers higher business value through better compliance, standardization, and reduced time-to-market. It enables processes of standardization, strategic decision-making, tax planning, compliance and controls, with adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Supplier Data Consolidation: Driven by analytics - the service consolidates, cleanses and connects spend and supplier data. This reduces purchase costs, procurement, supplier management costs and P2P costs.

This outstanding solution consistently ensures reduction in average days of receivables, reduction in operating costs, increase in operating profits; drop in past due accounts and enables quality achievements.

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