Top B2B Lead Generation Trends for 2022, B2B Marketers should not Miss!

Top B2B Lead Generation Trends for 2022, B2B Marketers should not Miss!

As we roll the calendar over to 2022, business leaders are geared up to make the most of this year by strategizing well. Businesses are in the ‘renew’ phase after pausing for two years. They are constantly digging the best ways to reach out to the prospects who are now majorly working from home. As a result, this evolution has forced companies and brands to re-evaluate their thought process about upcoming marketing campaigns to make them more personalized and customer centric. However, marketing budgets are too shaken up to shift their marketing approach. According to Gartner’s CMO spend survey, marketers’ budgets have dropped to the lowest level in history. Now the question is how B2B marketers will pave their way to success in a new environment, evolved consumer behavior, societal shift, spending crunch, and contemporary channel mix?

In a nutshell, after having countless curveballs in the past couple of years, it seems B2B lead generation will be considerably tricky for businesses. Hence, this is the right time when B2B marketers should pull up the socks and explore what the future holds for them by walking through the top B2B lead generation trends 2022. So, let’s see what we can look forward to in this New Year and prepare.

Digital Lead Generation

In the post-COVID-19 pandemic world, contactless buying or remote working will be the new normal. Buyers have predominantly shifted from in-person sales interactions to digital channels. Chatbots, mobile marketing, voice search, and video marketing are pivotal digital mediums that will potentially shape your marketing strategy. As a result, more B2B marketers are likely to move to a digital-first marketing approach, which ultimately means online advertising and content will hit the top position on the priority list.

ABM – Account-Based Marketing

If your B2B lead generation strategy needs an upgrade in 2022, then account-based marketing (ABM) would be a major one as ABM outperforms other marketing tactics, according to marketers. ABM is meant for B2B markets, which drives personalized and focused interactions at an account level by having relevance to every messaging. HubSpot study reports that in 2021, 70% of marketers noted use of ABM has increased by 15% from 2020. Therefore, B2B marketers should grow to adjust and adapt to newer buying signals and intent buying patterns to achieve excellent ABM success. To find more insights on ABM, here is a quick read on how to use account-based marketing to fuel your lead generation strategy.

Leverage Intent Data

Recently, Google made an announcement of putting an end to cookie tracking by the end of 2022, reinforcing its privacy and tracking policy. This might be good news for customers, but not for marketers, since customer behavior has been crucial for understanding the buyer’s intent.

So, will it become harder for marketers to know their target customers in 2022?

Not really, if they take on first-party intent data, also known as internal intent data. It is nothing but the direct data collected about the consumer’s online search journey through gamification, survey, online search histories, etc. 81% of customers look for the product online before actually buying it, and that is the intent data, which will be pivotal to track the demand for a particular product or service. B2B marketers can use intent data to understand:

  1. Prospects’ purchase intent
  2. The product they are looking for
  3. Are they looking for a competitor’s product or service?
  4. How to segregate them based on intent behavior, topic, and score.

Whether you want to increase precision in audience targeting, make informed marketing decisions, or intensify personalization, B2B intent data is an integral weapon in a B2B marketer’s arsenal. We had hosted a webinar around the same topic. This webinar can help you have an in-depth view of how intent data can leverage B2B lead generation.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is not something new; it’s been there for a long time. In fact, the very first marketing automation tool, ‘Unica,’ was launched when many of us didn’t even have access to the internet. However, in 2022 it would not only make marketing easy but also better for the B2B marketers. Automation removes the daily mundane, time-consuming tasks from marketers’ lists and allows them to involve more in strategic decision making. Apart from that, some of the key benefits of marketing automation are –

  • Content personalization
  • Audience target segmentation
  • Automating triggered campaigns, etc.

With each passing day, the marketing automation tools are getting better and better. As a result, the marketing automation software market predicts that Marketing automation will be the $11bn industry by 2027. It can become a growth-hacking tool for SaaS by reducing the marketing cost, empowering sales teams, and improving the final output.

Appointment Setting

The B2B appointment setting has evolved rapidly as one of the most pivotal aspects of business connections. It is no longer just about setting an appointment, but has emerged as a critical element in building and maintaining a significant relationship with potential customers. The “new normal” of remote working has changed the way people set appointments; from having F2F appointments, it has evolved into video calls, Zoom, or Google meet. This new evolution of virtual appointments has simplified scheduling and attending meetings from anywhere and anytime with utmost convenience. Businesses can look at it as an advantage for much agile lead generation.

Final Thoughts

2022 is going to be the year of experimentation of everything & anything businesses have tried their hands on during the pandemic from the business frontage. This coming year will be a year of growth and opportunities to thrive. These B2B marketing trends for 2022 will indeed work as a torchbearer for you while pursuing the new set of goals to get a competitive edge in the market. Don’t worry, even if you get stuck; as a B2B lead generation partner, we are here to partake in your lead to revenue journey by amplifying prospecting and hyper-personalized selling with multi-channel engagement.


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