Datamatics Business Solutions Tops the Learning Charts Among 20 Companies in a CSR Initiative

Datamatics Business Solutions Tops the Learning Charts Among 20 Companies in a CSR Initiative
Datamaticians earned 15,495 badges from 20,094 completed courses by putting in almost 10k productive hours and have set an inspiring example.

Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. (DBSL) participated in the Learn for a Cause 2.0, a 6-week employee learning program, initiated by Skillsoft. Through this program, Datamatics empowered its employees’ skill transformation journey while contributing towards CSR.

Under the Learn for a Cause 2.0 initiative, Akshaya Patra Foundation, the world’s largest NGO driven school meal program sponsored meals for children for every employee undertaking a course while KHUSHII NGO sponsored education of a child for every 100 employees logging in. By combining learning with a cause, Datamatics inspired its employees to upskill for a greater purpose.

An impressive 77% of employees actively engaged in the learning courses and bagged 15,495 badges (13,324 more than the second ranked organization). Out of the total 27913 courses completed by all the participating organizations in the cause, 20,094 courses were completed by Datamaticians after putting in 9984 productive hours of attentive learning.

Talking about the initiative and the learning culture at DBSL, Loly Vadassery, Chief HR Officer, said, “At Datamatics Business Solutions, we foster a culture of learning and upskilling. It helps us grow continuously with our workforce and adds value to our clients. With all our programs, we aim to help our employees in boosting their productivity, efficiency, and, ultimately, engagement across all levels. We ensure that everyone that’s part of the Datamatics family is equipped with the tools & resources to transform themselves and take the business to next level.”

94% of business leaders expect their employees to upskill themselves and almost 50% of employees will need reskilling by 2025 to keep up with the changing business demands. However, employees are not able to acquire dynamic skills easily. They lack resources and support they require for a successful skill transformation journey.

Learn for a cause 2.0 is a skill transformation journey that offers an innovative approach to upskilling employees and building a future-ready workforce. In addition to the employee upskilling programs, Datamatics plans to increase its workforce by 20 percent by the end of this fiscal year. Datamatics currently has 1200+ employees, and with the upcoming recruitment drive, the company expects to touch the 1500 employee mark.

Datamatics Business Solutions Tops the Learning Charts

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