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Accelerating global sales & marketing opportunities through i-Data framework 

i-Data (Intelligent Database Management Solution) framework designs, develops and delivers validated B2B database solutions, powered by cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA). By integrating with businesses at each stage of the marketing data life cycle, it delivers accurate, relevant and real-time database powered by multi-dimensional intelligence. 

i-Data demonstrates our culture of process-driven perfection for bespoke database management.  As a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, we bring our established excellence in designing, developing and delivering validated database solutions to enterprises. The service taps the potential of data to increase revenues, boost growth and empower businesses. 

Our work

Our team of 850+ database researchers build data, validate its accuracy, consolidate existing data silos, cleanse bad data and maintain it in the long run. With our data enrichment and enhancement module, we go a level higher to help businesses identify buying patterns, lead scoring, account prioritization and precise customer segmentation.

i-Data framework modules:

Our work

As an ISO certified organization, our database management solutions help businesses to measure the success of their database strategies with highest quality. Our data security and privacy controls play a crucial role for business continuity and risk management.

The intelligent database management solution identifies database trends and focuses on revenue driving segments. Businesses get access to a highly scalable and updated technology architecture with clear data tagging. 

Our work

Define–Validate–Maintain (DVM module): List building experts build an accurate database with a mix of primary and secondary research. This provides a single actionable view of each contact. Data is validated and maintained regularly to ensure direct communication with verified decision-makers.

Consolidate–Cleanse–Maintain (CCM module): Silos of data are consolidated to provide a comprehensive view of the target audience amid the gigantic data universe. Frequent data cleansing and validation ensure data format standardization. The smallest inaccuracy in business databases is repaired to maximize ROI and reduce financial impact. 

Enhance–Enrich (2E module): Data enhancement and enrichment solution keeps track of each customer’s attribute by providing basic profile and intel tagging. New revenue driving growth opportunities are uncovered through list research, lead scoring, buying patterns, account prioritization and precise customer segmentation. This module helps predict the client’s buying probability up to 90%. 

As an intelligent data partner, we are uniquely placed to help our clients to adjust to the evolving regulatory data environment. Our team is truly global, with on-the-ground expertise in all the major economies.

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