The Science of Successful Lead Generation

The Science of Successful Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a challenge! In fact, successful lead generation involves art, science, technology, intelligence, data and also the social elements in the right proportions that have to be customized for each business. Deciphering the magic proportion is the actual challenge. If you are happy about getting 1000 visits on a daily basis on your website, you may be shocked to know that only 1 out of them will probably convert. It is hence important to find the source of relevant leads and nurture them for better ROI. There is a method to the madness and here are some of the important aspects you must consider for successful lead generation:

Data is a key driver for success

“Content is the king” is something every business now understands. But “data” is the key ingredient for all successful marketing campaigns. The best designed marketing programs can fall flat on their face if they are not backed up with valid & accurate data set. Defining the right buyer demographics, building the right contact data credentials, understanding the buyer behavior & their preferred medium of outreach is the key for successful campaigns.

Understanding the desired outcomes should drive the campaign strategy

Buying data or leads from marketing / media companies may not really yield the results the sales team is looking for. It is important for the marketing team to align themselves with the desired outcome from the campaigns and then design and develop the relent campaign model. The outcomes could be varied from market share, wallet share, new geography entry, revenues, named accounts etc. once the desired outcomes have been defined and agreed with the marketing and sales stakeholders, that should, in reverse, drive the marketing strategy, the kind of buyers they need to go after and the quality of leads they need to generate. Regardless of whether the lead generation is being done internally or outsourced, this always helps to better align expectations with the campaign strategy.

Do not adopt a one size fits all strategy

The days of just following the traditional email blast followed by a voice call or just plain vanilla content syncindation is long gone. The buyer in the new era demands a more sophisticated approach from potential vendors. Marketing firms today are focusing a lot on the initial design phase of campaigns wherein they try to narrow down on the buyer profiles as closely as possible. And depending on the type of service / solution / product they design the campaign calendar which could be a good mix of email / voice / social media channels to push and create a pull in the market place.

Omni-channel strategy

Omni-channel lead generation is the best to consider if you don’t want to miss out on hot and relevant leads. Leveraging multiple channels for delivery of the key message including social, email, voice etc. will increase the effectiveness of lead generation campaigns. Since different customers are comfortable with different social media networks and internet medium, it is best to have your presence felt everywhere, but focusing on the right audience. It is important to engage with your prospective customers in the medium they are comfortable with, for them to convert and remain loyal to your brand.

These strategies will help you target the right audience and engaging with them effectively in a way they are more comfortable with. Exclusive strategies aligned with your unique requirements and customers will help you create a unique identification in the market and also help brand recognition amongst customers easily. Buyer demographics also play an important role since every location will have a different demand and trend. It is important to align your strategies with your market requirements based on buyer demographics. End of the day, every successful business is data-driven. Trust your data and analytics to generate relevant leads by crafting strategies that will help you grab the opportunities or create them.


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Anurag Verma

Anurag is the VP & Head of Marketing, Presales & Corp Communications at Datamatics Business Solutions. Anurag is a digital media & marketing professional with over 17+ years of experience in various industry verticals and diverse skill sets ranging from digital marketing, content development, content marketing strategy and marketing communications. He has a Master's degree in Information Systems from BITS Pilani.

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