Leveraging New Age Technology for Better Sales & Marketing

Leveraging New Age Technology for Better Sales & Marketing

The age-old question still lingers around – ‘Is sales an inborn talent or is it an acquired skill?’ Different people with different perspectives will have different answers. Rightly so. However, technology has taken a huge leap to halt this debate once and for all. Technology, as we’ve all experienced, has transformed every walk of our lives. Be it entertainment, communication, learning or even working, everything has evolved for the better.

From a business point of view, technology is playing an increasingly important role in enhancing the sales & marketing function. Right from tracking the right talent, recruiting and training them to accelerating sales and marketing outcomes through new age tools and platforms, technology has become an integral part of every business function.

Here is how technology is transforming the sales and marketing function.

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AI Technology in Recruiting & Training Sales Teams

Today, the talent you have has a direct impact on your business strategies and outcomes. This makes it critical to hire, train and retain the right talent. Organizations can’t afford to miss out on the right-fit candidate. Technology has made recruiting efficient and effective. AI-driven platforms enable screening of bulk candidate profiles and shortlisting the right-fit candidates. Further, technology can help you deliver a conducive candidate experience throughout the recruiting and onboarding processes to create a great first impression and build a strong employer brand.

Similarly, technology has also made learning and training effective. Today, sales and marketing teams can access training modules anytime, anywhere. Mobile learning, simulations, animations, and other forms of tech-driven learning have made employee training interactive, engaging and effective. This not only shows employees you care about their progress but also improves employee engagement and productivity. They feel more connected with their work and deliver better results.

Interlocking Building Blocks

Every organization wants to leverage technology to improve business processes and become more efficient. Technology, if deployed strategically, can help you establish a strong brand presence, automate your marketing efforts and enhance your presales and sales functions.

Organizations can use technology to create a performance-driven culture and march towards the industry benchmark of excellence. Once you prioritize tracking, monitoring, analyzing and improving performance metrics for employees and business outcomes, you build a brand that always strives for excellence. Technology-driven marketing automation can help you optimize your resources and increase your business ROI.

With technology, pre-sales teams can become data-driven instead of intuition-led. Technology provides all the necessary data required to understand the exact needs and expectations of your prospects. Technology in sales & marketing helps the business become proactive and not remain reactive. This helps build customer relationships and trust. Below is a snapshot of how technology can help organizations elevate their business functions.

How technology can help organizations elevate their business functions?
How technology can help organizations elevate their business functions?

Accelerating Growth with Technology in Sales & Marketing

The primary objective of every organization is to increase sales and profits. Technology in sales & marketing helps accelerate growth by helping you identify the right audience with higher buying intent, engage with them, educate them about your products and services and finally, help them make better buying decisions and convert into your customers. Technology in sales helps you right from the first stage of prospecting to appointment setting and deal closure.

Technology proves to be a great aid in identifying the target audience. With b2b data solutions, you not only build customer databases but also enrich and refine the data to support accurate data-driven decisions. You can automate outreach campaigns, analyze customer behavior and predict their buying propensity. These insights help you focus on customer group with higher buying intent. You can also leverage technology tools for business research and analysis to know where you stand with respect to your customers.

Further, technology in sales & marketing can be leveraged to nurture and engage high-quality leads. You can set up automation to run email campaigns and other campaigns. You can track customer engagement levels throughout the sales lifecycle and identify their preferred content type, medium of communication and time for engagement. This will help you personalize your marketing communication in the form they like, on the platform they like and at the time they like.

Tech-driven CRM Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a process of developing and managing relationships and engagement with customers and other stakeholders. CRM integrated people, processes and technology to streamline customer interactions and sales conversions. CRM technology in sales helps in collecting customer information and analyzing it to draw valuable insights into their buying behaviors.

AI-driven CRM management can be efficiently carried out with smart integration of customized and industrialized solutions.

Smart integration of customized and industrialized solutions.
Smart integration of customized and industrialized solutions.


DataLabs leverage modern-day technologies like Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cloud to accelerate the data delivery process with pinpoint accuracy. They help global organizations build and maintain niche target audiences with the power of automation backed by human intelligence. Datalabs improve the data quality to help in better decision making.

Hybrid Data Cleansing Model

The hybrid data cleansing model is built on two aspects – automation from technologies like RPA and human intelligence from subject matter experts. An amalgamation of RPA and human ingenuity makes for reliable, intelligent and accurate data for businesses. This unconventional robotic data science mechanism consists of 80% automation contribution and 20% human expertise that transform the inadequate data into the revenue-generating asset.

Sales Enablement Tools

Here are some top sales enablement tools that can help you improve your business outcomes.

  1. Hubspot provides a robust suite of content creation, inbound marketing and lead management.
  2. Salesforce offers a robust CRM, opportunity management and a single view of the customer
  3. Boomerang elevates email marketing to an art form.
  4. Cloze pulls all your customer interactions into one easy-to-navigate page.
  5. Datanyze can give you important qualifies and relevant information about customers.
  6. Emissary takes AI-driven approach to establish customer connections.
  7. Fision sends out highly-customized campaigns from one central dashboard.
  8. Mindtickle is designed for ease in both training and tracking sales activities.


Technology in sales & marketing has great potential. It benefits every aspect of your sales process – inbound marketing, outbound marketing, presales and revenue generation. Increased inbound sales by 20% – 30%, improved open and click rates for email marketing by 30% – 40%, increased presales output by 1.5X – to name a few benefits of technology in sales. Moreover, you also experience a reduced sales cycle, less lead drop rates, better MQL to SQL conversions, and increased business revenues.

Datamatics Business Solutions takes a tech-driven approach to offer bespoke demand generation and data solutions. Get in touch with us to take your business to the next level with tech-driven business solutions.


James Libera

James Libera

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