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Delivering top-line growth through i-CARS framework

Intelligent demand generation programs are defined, designed & implemented through our proprietary i-CARS (Intelligent Customer Acquisition Retention Solution) framework. It is a comprehensive solution that delivers a customized 360° marketing strategy and related outcomes for global enterprises.

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i-CARS framework enabled demand generation programs give an edge to Fortune 500 companies in generating and converting MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) & SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) into revenues. This end-to-end solution customizes campaign to focus on the buyer demographics, right outreach, follow-up and driving deal closures. It has enabled global clients to increase the ROI on leads and reduce sales cycle time.

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Delivering the solution –
Our proprietary i-CARS framework is based on a toll-gate driven phased approach.

Phase 1 – Define

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Client needs are defined to identify and strategize the right demand generation campaign. At this stage, unique buyer profiles are created on the basis of region, demographics, industry and target market. It enables businesses to identify the right contacts in the target market.

Phase 2 – Validate

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Our analytics team studies the information captured in the define phase. A team of research experts add a layer of intelligence by identifying key geographies, titles, market drivers, opportunities and more as per campaign output requirement. This is to align the campaign strategy to the desired outcomes. The information is validated and sent for client acceptance. This phase fine-tunes the marketing campaign by uncovering hidden sales opportunities.

Phase 3 – Design

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The campaign calendar includes all aspects of demand generation activities. This phase makes it possible to avoid campaign conflicts and improve engagement and conversions across channels.

Phase 4 – Develop & Implement

Execution model is developed as per the agreed campaign design and shortlisted modules. The campaign is implemented post client approval on developed modules. Periodic calibration sessions are initiated to validate and re-position the Push & Pull strategies. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are created at the end of project execution for future ramp-ups. Regular support at every stage of the lead lifecycle ensures higher involvement with prospects and higher chances of deal closure. 

Phase 5 – Review

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The final phase of the framework – Robust data analytics ensures minimum time lag between demand generation and deal closure. Post campaign analytics provides deep insights into campaign outcomes. Real-time progress tracking tool provides a single source of truth for Sales & Marketing teams. The review phase helps identify the success of demand generation campaign by analyzing the movement of leads from contact stage to signed-off deals.

It enables a higher ROI through conversion of leads into final deals. This comprehensive solution has changed the way businesses deal with demand generation by introducing a well-defined and precise methodology. It has helped global clients to increase the revenue generated per lead and reduce the sales cycle time exceptionally.


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