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Horizon Newsletter – Vol. 2


The global pandemic might have brought the world halt, but Datamatics Business Solutions have risen victoriously by turning the crisis into opportunity with the right process and robust technology infrastructure. Learn how we endured this test of time, stayed resilient with our customers, partners and employees.
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How to Generate Qualified Leads with Intent Data

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Get insights into how intent data and content syndication can help you qualify leads and simplifying the entire buyer journey, generate more leads and pipeline.
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Covid 19 Impact on G7- Countries


Explore how G7 countries fight back to the outrageous impact of COVID-19 and strive to retrieve the economy from the shadow of this crisis.
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Covid 19 Impact on the Manufacturing Industry


Learn how the shutdown of manufacturing units across the globe shaken up the entire supply chain as an impact of COVID-19 and led the world to reconsider the rise of smart manufacturing.
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Impact of Bad Data on Business...


How does bad data impact the business performance & outcomes and quick ways to fix it?
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Key Aspects of Lead to Revenue Performance


Explore the critical role lead to revenue management plays to judge customer engagement and loyalty through revenue growth.
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The need for Content Moderation in Digital era


Explore the significance of content moderation in today’s user-generated content era, where content can either make or break your brand.
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Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. (DBSL) is leader in providing essential business services to fortune 1000 companies and enterprises across the globe. Our fully integrated services and innovative solutions cover the length & breadth of essential business needs across customer facing front-office functions and critical back-office operations of our clients.

In the last four decades, Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. has been a partner to many success stories with global corporations in providing high-quality and compliant services. We deliver operational productivity, cost-efficiency, customer intimacy, revenue growth and other strategic outcomes aligned to our customer’s business goals. We are headquartered in Mumbai India, with global presence across North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

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360° marketing guaranteed 40% increase in audience registrations for an events company.
Risk Organization Structure in the UK Car Rental and Leasing Companies
Streamlined accounts payable operations brought 40% ease in processing for a leading EU airliner
How a leading investment bank saved 60% on data management through real-time CRM data cleansing?
How beSpoke data & smart lead generation tactics delivered 2x growth for a global events company?

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