Account Based Marketing

Datamatics’ Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solution (based on the i-CARS framework) designs targeted revenue generating campaigns. It enables Marketing and Sales teams to prioritize and target accounts that are most likely to convert. The focus is directed towards selecting high-value accounts and creating scalable personalized campaigns. It enables businesses of all sizes to acquire strategic significance through targeted demand generation. 

Here are key statistics that prove how ABM raises the stakes of marketing campaigns by targeting  key decision makers to drive revenue across industries. 

Industry proven stats:

To further drive targeted campaigns aligned with marketer’s goals, we have built an ABM suite with a strategic approach to include: 

•    Data building & validation
•    Lead to account mapping
•    Account planning
•    Content management
•    Campaign execution
•    ABM analytics

ABM adopts a multi-channel approach to by leveraging tactics and channels based on the target account. 

Delivering the solution – 

Build & validate data – A team of database management experts study the scope of the campaign to build a targeted database. The data is analyzed to identify key accounts. Individual profiles are selected within the key accounts for personalized targeting. Data is maintained throughout the campaign through cleansing, standardization, appending and validation. Data enhancement and enrichment solution keeps track of each customer’s attribute by providing intelligent tagging to basic profile. This allows marketers to drive maximum results from every campaign. 

Lead to account mapping – Key profiles of gate keeper, influencer and decision maker are analyzed to understand their impact on the decision making. Personalized and relevant campaigns are designed as per the challenges of each target profile. As new leads are identified, accounts are created within the CRM. These leads are mapped to the respective accounts inside the CRM, converting it into a corresponding contact.

Account planning – Multiple leads are grouped under one account. The campaign goals and metrics are aligned to develop lead personas. The buying roles and preferences are curated as per the classification. Sales enablement is facilitated by a 360 degree view of the customer within the CRM. Systematic account planning creates resonant customer engagement.  

Content management – Existing content is curated and studied to build a targeted content strategy. Content consultation enables businesses to use existing or build new content as per campaign requirement. The content is mapped to the target account personas. Account mapping tools facilitate personalized content channelization. Content pieces are analyzed and calibrated to capture best digital results.

Campaign execution – A campaign calendar is created to schedule conversations with the target buyer. Multiple touch points are identified to penetrate into each account throughout the customer journey. Adopting a multi-channel approach ensures that the key decision makers get the right message across any channelor device. Personalization technology blends with the marketing platform to target individuals with unique and specific messages.

ABM analytics - Real-time, actionable and intelligent insights enable accurate revenue attribution. Different set of indicators are tracked at multiple stages through time to optimize the campaign. Sales & Marketing teams receive a clear view of campaign success, ensuring they get the most out of ABM efforts. 

With ABM we identify and engage with contacts within key accounts. Personalized campaigns are designed at an account-level to resonate across geographies, industries and business sizes. An actionable roadmap is designed to improve the campaign performance. Intelligent data-driven content strategy is built to optimize marketing reach and nurture prospects from identification to opportunity. By creating personalized messaging – your business can enhance pipeline visibility, align Sales & Marketing teams and get clear campaign optimization insights.

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