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Driving multi-channel customer delight through i-Touch mechanism

The i-Touch (Multi-pronged customer engagement) mechanism delivers a high level of customer satisfaction for multi-channel customer engagement. It uses an integrated contact center which is backed by a robust infrastructure. Our multi-channel practice caters to the diverse needs of both B2B and B2C companies.  

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The solution enhances opportunities to upsell and cross-sell by leveraging intelligence. It ensures higher customer satisfaction (C-SAT) and increased customer engagement. We deliver a brand experience that customers expect, boosting the lifetime value (LTV). Our agents are trained to have in-depth product knowledge to increase First Call Resolution (FCR) and build loyal customer connections from the beginning. 

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C-SAT analysis: Satisfaction is measured by connecting with maximum stakeholders through multiple C-SAT channels. Customer feedback is captured, analyzed, and presented for businesses to make informed business decisions.

Inbound & outbound calls: Welcome calls are made to customers for account opening/subscriptions and customer on-boarding. The information gained helps foster a deeper understanding of customer needs. 

Web based chat: Web chat enables instant agent handling that increase online sales and customer satisfaction. Real time personalized interaction ensures complaint management, escalation management, and issue/dispute resolution.

Email support: Email response management solution enables rapid and personalized customer communication. Customers receive a seamless experience whereas businesses increase brand value and operational efficiency.

Smart analytics on customer engagement: Smart analytics provides intelligent insights on customer engagement effectiveness. Solutions based on these insights help competent customer lifecycle management.  

This multi-channel solution enables businesses to overcome the challenges of staffing and managing a huge workforce for customer engagement in B2B and B2C domains. Our team of skilled customer engagement agents reach out to customers proactively, enhancing brand equity and reducing inbound call flows. 

i-Touch helps companies to deliver a reliable and flexible customer support service, leading to positive brand awareness. The resultant outstanding customer satisfaction levels ensure enhanced productivity and savings in cost for the company.

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